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Hi! I'm Tricia-Anne, award-winning storyteller, author, transformational speaker, podcaster, certified master life coach, life purpose coach, success coach, certified business coach, trainer sister, daughter, friend, and most importantly, woman of God.


This isn't a list of accomplishments. It's a celebration of who I am. I have learned to accept that I am a masterpiece; lovingly created by God for a unique purpose, an assignment that only I can do. I'm also the girl who's proud to share with others about who she has become after going to hell and back because of an abusive relationship and marriage.


The trauma was real and the fear, low self-esteem, and insecurities became my best friend. They owned me. Well, that's until I learned to accept that becoming a Christian meant that Jesus owns me and who Jesus owns He cherishes. He took me through a process of cleansing and acceptance and that led to my freedom. You can have that too. Freedom from the past, from not knowing who you are and why you're here on earth, from frustrations of feeling like all you're doing is surviving rather than thriving, and from not seeing the rewards the Bible tells you, you deserve.


God intends for you to be a leader in your sphere of influence. To become that God-ordained leader, you'll need to become the best version of yourself and have a heart that is willing to serve and be humble. With us, you will be equipped to become that woman God has called you to be - Self-assured, Fearless & Successful!

What you have inside of you is far greater than your circumstances, weaknesses, and fears.


Dr. Tricia-Anne Y. Morris

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After going to hell and back in an abusive relationship and marriage, I was crushed, felt I had nothing to offer the world and was consumed by negative thinking and self-doubt.


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